Best of the Nonprofit Law Blog 2022

2022 was the year many of us treated as the one that followed the COVID pandemic, even though that’s not true at all. It was the year of the midterm elections, scary inflation figures, huge corporate profits, ever-continuing gun violence, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and increasing skepticism of policies that allow for and encourage the creation of billionaires who control much of what impacts everyone else. Here are some highlights and articles from the Nonprofit Law Blog over the past year:


Restatement of the Law: Duty of Loyalty

More on Purpose-Driven Board Leadership

Compensating Nonprofit Board Members

NPQ Webinar: Boards as Social Movement Spaces

BoardSource: Putting Purpose First


Some Trends for 2022

What’s Your Nonprofit Doing to Fight Climate Change?

Nonprofit Radio: In Nonprofits, Do We Trust?

Nonprofits: The Impact of Law on Trust

Nonprofits: Engaging Millennials and Gen Z

IRS, Treasury, & JCT

Two Recent Treasury Inspector General Reports on Exempt Orgs

Additional Skepticism of Form 1023-EZ

Joint Committee on Taxation: Political and Lobbying Activities of Tax-Exempt Organizations (April 2022)

Two Key IRS Reports – FY 2021

California Laws

Crowdfunding Laws: Platform Charities

California’s New Law for Charitable Fundraising Platforms

Is a Compensated Nonprofit Officer an Employee?

Fiscal Sponsorship

Article on Fiscal Sponsor Legal Obligations

Fiscal Sponsorship Exits: Not Always Easy – Part 1, Part 2

Stipulated Judgment Against Fiscal Sponsor for Misspending Donations

Fiscal Sponsorship: Fees (Model A)


If I Were a Billionaire Philanthropist …

Alternatives to Starting a Nonprofit

Some Thoughts for First-Year Nonprofits

Important Considerations for your Nonprofit’s Gift Acceptance Policy

Business of Nonprofits – Columbia University

Nonprofit Radio: Getting Ready for 2022


CalNonprofits Policy Symposium 2022

WCTEO 2022 Highlights

Upswell Summit 2022

Highlights from the 2022 NAAG/NASCO Annual Charities Conference

2022 National Center on Philanthropy and the Law Annual Conference

UCLA Law Symposium on The Restatement of The Law, Charities

2022 Exempt Organizations Symposium – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Selected Highlights 2022 Georgetown Exempt Organizations Conference – IRS, Treasury, Capitol Hill

10 +1 Key Current Developments: 2022 Georgetown EO Conference

More Highlights from the 2022 Georgetown EO Conference

Highlights from the ABA Exempt Organizations Committee Meeting 2/1/22 – Part One, Part Two, Part Three