Nonprofit Radio: Getting Ready for 2022

I recently spoke with Tony Martignetti on Nonprofit Radio about the legal outlook for 2022. Here are some areas we discussed along with some bonus areas and additional resources –

Technology Trends


Data security

Management Trends

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DEI”)

Remote Work

Operations Trends


Political activities.

Legal Trends

Donor privacy

Crowdfunding laws

Items to include on you legal checklist for January (if not done already)

  1. Set your organizational priorities for the coming year, soliciting input from staff and board (and possibly other key stakeholders) – consider legal compliance, mission, and values.
  2. Set your board calendar of regular meetings and required actions, including elections, and provide space for generative thinking and stargazing (where a board demonstrates its mettle in making sure that their organization is ready and able to expand its horizons, to strive to achieve more and stretch itself to become the robust and resilient business that is capable of responding effectively to the unknowns in its future).
  3. Review your governing documents (e.g., articles of incorporation and bylaws) for consistency with your actual practices and applicable laws.
  4. Ensure you have systems in place to meet all of your filing, registration, and tax-related obligations.
  5. Assess your financial performance against the projected budget and any implications.
  6. Review your various risks and your risk management policies and protections (including insurance).