Best of the Nonprofit Law Blog 2019

2019 was an eventful year for the world and for the nonprofit sector. For us at NEO Law Group, Erin Bradrick and I became Co-Principals of our firm and developed a Business of Nonprofits course for Columbia University, and Michele Berger had the biggest news of all. Here are some highlights and articles from NEO Law Group and the Nonprofit Law Blog over the past year.

Nonprofit Law Blog Posts

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship and Films
Fiscal Sponsorship and Films: Part II
Fiscal Sponsors and Proposed California Reporting Requirements
New Edition of Seminal Book on Fiscal Sponsorship

Startups and Articles of Incorporation

California Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation
Amending California Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation
Comparing 501(c)(3) vs. 501(c)(6) for Nonprofit Startups

Donor Disclosures

Proposed Regulations: Donor Disclosures and Dark Money
Court Strikes Down Rule Excepting Certain Nonprofits from Donor Disclosures
Donor Disclosures: Senators Question the Changes

IRS & Treasury

Final Regulations: 501(c)(4) Notification Requirement
IRS Updated Procedures for Terrorism Screening of Exemption Applications
Private School: Racially Nondiscriminatory Policy
IRS TE/GE FY 2020 Program Letter


12 Considerations Before You Join that Nonprofit Board …
Rebuttable Presumption of Reasonableness Procedures
Nonprofit Directors and Officers – Not the Same Thing
DEI and Fiduciary Duties
Standing to Sue: Director who Resigns or is Removed

California Bills

California AB 5: Employee or Independent Contractor
California Charities and Crowdfunding Bill – AB 1539
California AB 1712: Donor Advised Funds
California AB 1181: Gifts-in-Kind
California AB 1338: Community Foundations

California Attorney General

California AG’s Guide for Online Charitable Giving
California AG: Update on Proposed Changes to Registration for Charities
California AG: Proposed Changes to Annual Registration Renewals for Charities


Public Trust and Nonprofits: What’s Going On?
The Sale of Charitable Assets to a For-Profit (Taxation of Exempts)
Can a Nonprofit Own a For-Profit? Can a For-Profit Own a Nonprofit?
Nonprofit News Organizations: The Tax Rules
Grantmaking by Public Charities
Predict-a-palooza: Civil Society Forecast 2019
10 Significant News Events of 2019

Event Recaps

Upswell Chicago: Equity in the Center
Upswell Chicago 2019
Skoll World Forum – Day One, Two, Three, and Four
WCTEO 2019 Highlights
Social Enterprise Law Seminar

Nonprofit Radio & More

Nonprofit Radio: Getting Political
Nonprofit Radio: Recruiting Your Nonprofit Board Members
Nonprofit Radio: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Nonprofit Governance
Webcast: Maximizing Nonprofit Impact: Key Considerations in 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) Affiliations (American Law Institute CLE)
Webinar: Practical Strategies to Increase Board Diversity (Lorman)
Nonprofit Vision: Fiscal Sponsorship

See also Erin Bradrick’s monthly column for the Daily Journal (subscription)