10 Significant News Events of 2019

2019 began in the middle of the longest government shutdown in history, the ramifications of which were felt within the nonprofit sector for months thereafter. Youth advocates continued to demonstrate their power and influence, with Greta Thunberg and many other young people gaining national attention and recognition for their climate activism. We witnessed nonprofits struggle in their attempts to handle tainted or controversial donors such as Jeffrey Epstein and the Sackler family. And President Donald Trump hit a few roadblocks, including his admission that he misused charitable assets (and the subsequent Trump Foundation settlement and dissolution), and his recent impeachment by the House.

Here is a list of our 10 significant news events of 2019 affecting the nonprofit sector in the United States and a few links regarding each:

1. Government shutdown

2. Continued migrant family separation and detention of children

3. Youth activism in climate change

4. The most diverse class of lawmakers sworn into Congress

5. Gun violence continues

6. Repeal of the parking tax/ Simplification of private foundation net investment income excise tax

7. College admissions scandal

8. Trump Foundation settlement

9. Tainted donations

10. The U.S. House impeaches President Donald Trump