Best of the Nonprofit Law Blog 2018

2018 was a tumultuous year for many, but along with some of the lows we at NEO Law Group experienced with the rest of the country, we also had some personal highs. Erin Bradrick received the 2018 Outstanding Young Lawyer award from the American Bar Association Nonprofit Organizations Committee, Michele Berger had her article on governance and sexual harassment published by the ABA’s Bar Leader magazine, and I presented at the Georgetown Nonprofit Governance conference. We also just started to work on a graduate school course, which we’re tremendously excited about. Here are some more highlights and articles from NEO Law Group and the Nonprofit Law Blog over the past year.

Nonprofit Law Blog Posts

New Tax Law

The New Tax Law and Its Impact on Nonprofits – Part 1
The New Tax Law and Its Impact on Nonprofits – Part 2
Whaaat?! Nonprofits need to pay taxes for providing employee parking!
IRS Guidance on UBIT Silos – 512(a)(6) – PART I
IRS Guidance on UBIT Silos – 512(a)(6) – PART II
IRS Guidance on Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits and UBIT

501(c)(4) Organizations

A prediction for nonprofits in 2018: Rise of the 501(c)(4) organizations
New Form 1024-A for 501(c)(4) Organizations
Can a 501(c)(3) Organization Change Into a 501(c)(4) Organization?

Affiliated Organizations – 501(c)(3) & 501(c)(4)

Affiliated Organizations: Sharing Employees
Affiliated Organizations: Sharing Resources

IRS & Treasury

Update: New Exemption Application Not Required When Organization Changes Its Form or State of Incorporation
Treasury Eliminates Donor Information Disclosures by 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(6) Organizations
Disclosures of Donors: Recent Developments
IRS TE/GE FY 2017 Accomplishments and IRS FY 2017 Data Book
IRS TE/GE Fiscal Year 2019 Program Letter

Governance & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Governance Documents: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Nonprofits
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Nonprofit Bylaws
DEI and Bylaws: Board Composition

Governance – Other

Serving as the Chair of the Board
Governance Committee: 12 Key Tasks
Ex Officio Director – What? Why? How?
How Independent Audits and Audit Committees Protect Nonprofits
Protecting Your Nonprofit from Sexual Harassment


Cryptocurrency and Nonprofits
NASCO: 50 State Survey on Crowdfunding Regulations
Nonprofit Law and Ethics
Kathy Has Questions: Volunteers
California Charities and Crowdfunding Bill – AB 2556

Other Writings & Presentation Materials

Stanford Digital Impact Convening – February 2018
Risk Management for Bar Associations: ABA Bar Leadership Institute 2018
Some Highlights from 2018 Georgetown Conference
CalNonprofits Policy Convention 2018
Upswell LA 2018
Upswell Labs – San Francisco
WCTEO 2018 Highlights
See also Erin Bradrick’s monthly column for the Daily Journal (subscription)

Nonprofit Radio & More

Nonprofit Radio: New Tax Law & Your 2018 Plan
Nonprofit Radio: Unrelated Business Income Tax and Fringe Benefits
Nonprofit Radio: Donor-Advised Funds
Risk Management Podcast: How and When Should Your Nonprofit Use a Lawyer?