13 Tweets & Posts from the Millennial Donor Summit

Yesterday, the Case Foundation presented the 2011 Millennial Donor Summit.  Here are some tweets and post excerpts:

  • "Millennials are history's first 'always connected' generation"
  • Millenials are the most ethnically/racially diverse and politically active generation in U.S. history –Phillipe Hills
  • Millennials expect consistency, need integration, crave connection. – Stephanie Padgett
  • Millennials want to know what impact their efforts provide and the ability to share it with their peers.
  • We don't have to organize the millennials, we have to facilitate a way for them to organize themselves. – Angela White
  • Reaching out to millennials on social media is like planning a party. Select your "music" and make sure it never stops. – Matt Britton
  • Except in moments of crisis, Millenials engage first, donate second.
  • How to optimize for millenials: Be digital, accountable, transparent and educational (DATE). - Padgett
  • Millennials … seemed really focused on their passions, not necessarily their professions. - Suzy DeFrancis
  • Millennials come to the work place more prepared to teach than previous generations. When you step in the door, you come prepackaged with skills you can share. Technological expertise and an understanding with social media others don’t know. - Michael Weiser
  • Millennials have access and understanding of technology that allows them to see the world differently. The social enterprise movement is breaking down the walls of the old silos we used to watch in changing the world. They’re doing it their own way. – Jean Case
  • Do you want to know what millennials are thinking? Talk to some. Put them on your board. – Erica Williams
  • Think along a continuum, moving from low to high degrees of engagement: spectator, sponsor, curator, producer, collaborator.  The best results come from the far end of the continuum: collaboration.  It’s not about telling millennials to support you; it’s about creating a vested interest in what you are doing with joint ownership.  Let millennials manage your community, design your logo or otherwise be an active partner in what you seek to accomplish. - Britton