Nonprofit Resources of the Week – 4/21/24

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Resources of the Week.

Notable Nonprofit Posts, Articles, & Other Resources:

The Israel-Hamas War Is Tearing Nonprofits Apart. But Some Are Bridging Staff Divides (Sara Herschander, Chronicle of Philanthropy)

The charitable deduction is a complex, broken mess. There’s a better way. (Dylan Matthews, Vox)

Opinion. DAF Sponsors Aren’t All Created Equal. New Legislation Should Reflect That. (Gerry Roll: Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Tax-Exempt Organizations Under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c): Political Activity Restrictions (April 12, 2024) (Justin C. Chung, Congressional Research Service)

Legal Requirements for Section 501(c)(3) Hospitals (April 15, 2024) (Edward C. Liu, Congressional Research Service)

Are Nonprofit Private Schools Still Safe From Title IX Lawsuits? (Linda Rosenthal, For Purpose Law Group)

House Passes Legislation to Terminate Tax-Exempt Status of Terrorism-Linked Charities (Anna Sulkin Stern, Wealth Managmenet)

UAW gets first Southern win as Tenn. plant overwhelmingly backs union (Jeanne Whalen and Lauren Kaori Gurley, Washington Post)

CA law helps churches, nonprofits build affordable housing quicker (Phillip Palmer, ABC7)

Jacinda Ardern at Skoll 2024: ‘Hope dies when we lose our sense of expectation’ (Anna Patton, Pioneers Post)

Significant Events:

  • “Despite its 45-year-old hostility towards the “Little Satan”, Iran had never fired a shot at Israel from its own territory. … Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader since 1989, used its proxies—Hizbullah, the Shia militia in Lebanon, and the Palestinian militant groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad—to strike Israeli targets and avoid direct confrontation. … That has all changed. Iran’s salvo of over 300 drones, cruise and ballistic missiles launched at Israel on April 13th heralds “a paradigm shift”, according to Ahmad Dastmalchian, Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon.” Economist
  • “Russia’s Foreign Ministry has been drawing up plans to try to weaken its Western adversaries, including the United States, and leverage the Ukraine war to forge a global order free from what it sees as American dominance, according to a secret Foreign Ministry document.” Washington Post
  • “A former president of the United States is on criminal trial for the first time in American history as of this week. … [T]he stage is being set for one of the most consequential legal clashes in American political history. As a quick reminder: The case has to do with hush money payments Trump’s lawyer made to an adult-film actress to keep her quiet weeks ahead of the November 2016 election and whether he falsified business records to cover it up.” Washington Post

Equity and Justice Related Articles & Resources:

Two Distant Strangers (Travon Free & Martin Desmond Roe, short film) {Ed. 2021 Best Live Action Short Film, Academy Award Winner)

After decades of silent protest, advocates and students speak out for LGBTQ rights (Chandelis Duster, CNN)

Impact of SCOTUS Affirmative Action Ruling on Employers (Esther G. Lander & Amanda S. McGinn, American Bar Association Labor & Employment Newsletter)

Climate Change Articles & Resources:

Opinion: We are ignoring potentially valuable climate-change technologies (Gwynne Dyer, Glbe and Mail)

European court decision shows that a safe climate is a human right, former UN rights chief says (Seth Borenstein, AP)

Climate change is already negatively affecting children’s education worldwide (The Conversation, Fast Company)