Tweets of the Week – July 9, 2010

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

  • DonKramer: If a company donates products to a #nonprofit to sell at an auction, what deduction will be available to the donor?
  • change: It's official: DOMA is unconstitutional!
  • GTak: The Charity in Bankruptcy and Ghosts of Donors Past, Present, and Future – Evelyn Brody –
  • GTak: Companies Find Ways to Bypass Ban on Earmarks – (NY TImes) – How? By forming and using nonprofits. Blurring lines ..
  • GTak: Tax-Exempt Funds Aid Settlements in West Bank – (NY Times)
  • NetTuesdayBCS: "The Networked Non-profit" slides from @kanter and @afine:
  • jczamora: Q&A: Jeffrey Sachs –
  • shellyalcorn: New Post – Assn Law Blog – IRS Stepping Up Scrutiny of Sponsorships #assnchat
  • jefftrexler: Bankrupt nonprofit theater finds new life as for-profit
  • commutiny: anyone taken part in #npcons chat? I found it in a great blog post – The Power of Questions by @alisonrapping

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