Tweets of the Week – July 2, 2010

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

  • tactphil: New Blog Post: Unitus: Mission Accomplished?
  • WiserEarth: The Ultimate Guide to Social Entrepreneur Funding
  • TonyMartignetti: In Oct. 2009 @oneicity interviewed me about charity registration, "state registration: what you need to know"
  • charitylawyer: Six Smart Moves Great Board Chairs Make:
  • JaniceLang: NY Senate passed L3C bill No. 6726 on 6/29/10. On to Assembly.
  • GTak: Are for-profit social enterprises and charitable nonprofits starting to butt heads about their relative abilities to change the world?
  • CharityNav: Five Charity Myths Dispelled
  • CynthiaRRowland: Christian Legal Society v. Martinez decided today in favor of Hastings College of Law. See summary at Huffpost
  • edwarmi: Should non-profits act more like corporations?
  • rosettathurman: 32 Nonprofit & Philanthropy Blogs Written by People of Color

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