Tweets of the Week – July 16, 2010

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

  • COF_: Healthy democracy needs philanthropy
  • consciousgovern: My new article just published by ProBono Australia: The True Role of the Board – How Governance has been Hijacked
  • charitylawyer: Ultra Vires Acts –
  • Give2Asia: Just released our latest overview of Give2Asia's work and impact in #China – Check it out!
  • GTak: Anybody else see "A Small Act" on HBO yesterday? Reminds you that we can make an immense impact, sometimes with very little effort. Hope.
  • GTak: For-Profits Use Nonprofit Structure to Avoid Earmark Ban – (OMB Watch)
  • GTak: A Possible Lesson for Charitable Recipients of Ill-Gotten Gains (Charity Governance Blog)
  • fastcompany: How to profit by behaving like a not-for-profit
  • GTak: California statute of limitations against directors for breach of charitable trust – 10 years – Gov Code 12596
  • jefftrexler: The definition of social enterprise is a postmodernist's dream–arbitrary, masks personal & group interests

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