Tweets of the Week – 1/29/10

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the past week:

  • I'll be speaking at ReVisioning Value Conference (intersection of purpose + profit) in Portland on 4/26 -
  • The Long Arm of Charitable Solicitation Law from @charitylawyer - (Charity Lawyer Blog)
  • Charitable solicitation regulation for the nonprofit sector – (Center for Public Policy & Admin, Univ of Utah)
  • @Philanthropy White House Aide Urges Foundations to Take More Risks -
  • @CharityNav Jennifer Aniston donates half a million $ to Haiti Do celeb donations inspire you to give?
  • @SSIReview How has the earthquake in Haiti changed the landscape of philanthropy? Find out in our latest blog -
  • @robreich Bill Gates on why foundations exist: to fund hi-risk projects that states and for-profits don't. -
  • @nfpn #Nonprofit CEOs Are Worth Every Dime -
  • @HeatherCarpente The nuts and bolts of running a nonprofit: Here's an overview of nonprofit finance and accounting -
  • @philosopher20 new post – The Philanthropic Capital Matrix -

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