Tweets of the Week – 1/22/10

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the past week:

  • GTak: Philanthropy and Charity Have Different Roles - (Steve Gunderson – COF)
  • philaction: What metrics should we be tracking to assess impact of donor advice on Haiti giving? Your thoughts (and data) please
  • BoardSource: The Stevens Settlement: Good for Stevens, Bad for Nonprofit Governance (Governance Consulting blog)
  • philosopher20: surprised no one's tweeted about it yet – NTEN is hosting conversation on future of nonprofit assessment
  • Philanthropy: A Guide to The Chronicle's Coverage of the Haiti Relief Effort
  • cnn: RT iDeskCNN: Techies unite to help relief efforts. #Haiti*

* The CNN post refers to CrisisCommons (I'm part of the pro bono legal team)

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