Tweets of the Week – 2/5/10

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the past week:

  • GTak: Why hybrid corps? Blended value missions are not protected by traditional corp laws. Typical mission anchors are not rock solid.
  • GTak: Vermont BSR Legislative Initiative: For-Benefit Corporations -
  • GTak: Changing Ecosystem of Change: B-certified Corp, Benefit Corp, Flexible Purpose Corp, L3C. Thanks @p2173, @philosopher20 for the meeting.
  • GTak: From NTEN Community Call: admin and fundraising expenses allocations deviate widely among orgs – making comparisons invalid
  • GTak: L3C Newspapers? - - Nonprofit Law Prof Blog (read the comment from SE attorney Allen Bromberger)
  • @tactphil: The top 5 articles of 2009 from the Stanford Social Innovation Review:
  • @ntenhross: Bon Ottenhoff from Guidestar: Overhead ratios are like asking which airlines spend the least on maintenance to decide where to invest.
  • @FCWashington: Foundations Need to Be More Transparent: (Bradford Smith is pres of Foundation Center)
  • @Philanthropy: @sloane is giving some interesting reports from Davos
  • @COF_: Where Domestic and International Philanthropy Meet by Dien Yuen #cof10

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