Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – March 29, 2013


Red Equal


This week was a momentous one with the Supreme Court of the United States hearing arguments on California's Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act. Accompanying this week's collection of tweets: Peter Tosh's Equal Rights (1977), one of TIME's 100 Greatest Popular Songs.

  • Stanford PACS Center: What are foundations for? Lead essay in Boston Review by our Faculty Co-Director Rob Reich.
  • Stanford PACS Center: Paul Brest responds to Rob Reich: "What are foundations for?" link Join the debate.
  • Independent Sector: Why the Rich Don't Give to Charity via The Atlantic
  • Nell Edgington: The State of the Nonprofit Sector in 2013 – results from Nonprofit Finance Fund are live.
  • Greg Colvin: IRS aims Qs at 1300 orgs exempt under 501(c)(4), (5), (6), asking about 2012 political activities, media buys, & more. link [Ed. If you lead or advise a social welfare organization, union, or trade association, you should look at the questionnaire.]
  • Gene: The M Word: A Board Member's Guide to Mergers: How, Why & Why Not to Merge Nonprofits link – very helpful resource from CompassPoint [Ed. But understand there's even more you should know before proceeding with a merger.]
  • Philanthropy: Boards Are Not Ready for the Next Generation of Trustees – link
  • CompassPoint: Young Voices in the Nonprofit Boardroom from Board Cafe – The Benefits of Generational Diversity – link
  • Darian Heyman: Nonprofit Boot Camp comes back to life on 6/12 in Silicon Valley- be there! link [Ed. Along with the Social Media for Nonprofits conference on 6/13, the Bay Area is in for a treat. I'll be there too.]
  • Dan Pallotta: @GTak writes awesome blog looking at my TED talk through a legal lens: link [Ed. Thanks Dan! Dan, author of Uncharitable, closed TED 2013 with a provocative and much needed discussion on charity and overhead.]
  • Darin McKeever: What's the plural of anecdote? My new post about "Big Wisdom" on Skoll World Forum – link