Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – March 22, 2013



The United Nations declared March 20, 2013 the first International Day of Happiness. With that in mind, listen to Shonen Knife's Top of the World while perusing this week's tweets:

  • NGOsource: Today's the day! NGOsource launches equivalency determination service & cross-border grantmaking changes forever! link
  • Philanthropy: New TED Talk by Dan Pallotta getting lots of discussioni link  Original oped on the topic link
  • Gene: Sen Levin: "501(c)(4)s are not supposed to be engaged in politics .. we’re going to go after them." link
  • Nonprofit Law News: Recent Developments and Trends for Exempt Organizations link
  • Gene: Nonprofit Guide to Prudent Investing link
  • Debra Beck: Avoiding 9 nonprofit boardroom pathologies. Any sound familiar? link
  • Todd Johnson: Delaware announces its move towards a new corporate form for #socent and #impinv link
  • Law For Change: LFC to launch @LawForChangeNet in May to connect, engage, train & mobilize law students lawyers

And …

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