Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – April 5, 2013


This week I had the pleasure of attending the Wharton Social Impact Conference. The panel on impact investing was informative; the panel on social entrepreneurship was inspiring. Among those speakers on the latter panel: Leila Janah of Samasource and Erin Gruwell of Freedom Writers Foundation. MTV made a movie based on Erin's experiences. Check out the trailer here.

This week's tweets:

And here are a few highlights from the Wharton Social Impact Conference:

  • Evil prevails when good people do nothing. – Erin Gruwell
  • Making money while doing no evil – that's a really low bar. What about making money while doing good? - Nikhil Arora, Back to the Roots [Ed. Nikhil, also known as one of The Mushroom Guys, was by far the coolest dude in the room – check out their story here.]
  • No shortage of solutions, but shortage of leadership. - Jill Vialet, Playworks
  • Proud to have done this (create and operate Samasource) as a nonprofit. – Leila Janah
  • By pushing social entrepreneurs into homeruns, are we missing out on singles & doubles? – Attendee during Q&A