Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 5/29/15

Angry businessman looking straight into the camera

This week we witnessed the potential risks of nonprofits engaging in international activities, with China and Russia both targeting nonprofits that are not “government-friendly”. Have a listen to Elvis Presley‘s Suspicious Minds while perusing our curated nonprofit tweets of the week:

  • Newsweek: Russia passed a law that may close the local offices of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other NGOs
  • Wall St. Journal: Enemies of the state: China’s deep fear of foreign influence turns to NGOs
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: The crackdown on #NGOs in #Egypt continues a trend that began before the #ArabSpring
  • NY Times Business: Patchwork Oversight Allows Dubious Charities to Operate
  • NPR Politics: Foundations To SEC: Force Corporations To Disclose Political Giving
  • Cecily Jackson-Zapata: #IRS may issue new #nonprofit rules regarding politicking next month, but most likely wouldn’t impact #Election2016  NY Times
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: #IRS has repeatedly put off regulating political activity of #nonprofits. Will it ever happen?
  • Jeanne Bell:  … SacBee editorial: [California Attorney General] Harris seeks nonprofits’ donor lists. They refuse.
  • New York Times: Boy Scouts president: Any alternative to ending the ban on gay leaders “will be the end of us as a national movement”
  • Gene: So You Want To Give Back…Now What? Forbes  … | with a link our post on public charities
  • For Purpose Law: Payroll Taxes: The One Payment a Nonprofit Should NEVER Skip
  • Philantopic: Rhetoric About Impact Investing Outpacing Reality, Study Finds @CEPData #impinvest #philanthropy
  • Rob Reich: Changing landscape of philanthropy: The Economist talks up @GiveWell