Tweets of the Week – 4/23/10

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

  • GTak: 1/4 of nonprofits may lose their tax-exempt status – – AVOIDABLE if small charities file very simple online 990-N!
  • GTak: California's flexible purpose corporation bill (last amended April 5, 2010) – – social enterprise legal forms
  • GTak: Social Media and the Law – for professional associations – (American Society of Association Executives)
  • GTak: Nonprofit Law Blog on Vanguard's list of Charitable Giving Blogs –
  • GTak: 86% of wealthy donors say biggest motivation = meeting critical needs –
  • ReVisioningValu: Everyone can be a social entrepreneur of sorts–which kind are you? ReVV2010
  • rosettathurman: Couldn't make it to Denver? Watch the live stream of the EPIP conference here! epip10
  • EPIPSeattle: Words of wisdom from Peggy Saika: lead with the work, not the $$$$. aapip
  • philosopher20: from Stanford GSB – Social Pressures Affect Corporate Strategy and Performance – the findings may shock you
  • rosettathurman: Good discussion of #nonprofit board leadership from a young board chair: Are Leaders Made or Born?
  • tactphil: New Blog Post: Nonprofits Acquire Corporation:

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