Tweets of the Week – 4/16/10

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

  • GTak: Too much good stuff re Grantmakers for Effective Organizations Conference from @tactphil to pick faves –
  • GTak: More tax issues for nonprofits – – UBIT and property tax (Hawaii retreat center revenue)
  • SSIReview: The Skoll World Forum 2010 kicks off today. Check out our coverage here:
  • futureofmuseums: Eminence Grise Marie Malaro speaks out on the financial future of museums–stop acting like for-profits!
  • BCorporation: The official press release about MD B Corp legislation!
  • ssstrom: Ah, those blurring lines …. Banks capitalizing on microfinance loans
  • ajlovesya: Economist Urges Charities to Get Ready for the Economic Recovery and a Brighter 2015
  • SSIReview: Can your nonprofit avoid throwing the "Hail Mary"? Read the 6 signs of a failing organization:
  • DonKramer: What are the rules for when a for-profit splits sales with a nonprofit?

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