Tweets of the Week – 3/19/10

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

  • GTak: Burden higher for nonprofit hospitals, Illinois Supreme Court Says (Chicago Tribune 3/19/10) – Provena
  • GTak: The Art of the Steal – an interesting rebuttal to Charity Governance Blog's opinion of the underlying case:
  • GTak: The Art of the Steal. Charity Governance Blog has a definite opinion about the movie & the Barnes Foundation case:
  • GTak: Fidelity’s Charitable Gift Fund Shows Well in Recession – Nonprofit Quarterly
  • GTak: Good issue of Blue Avocado – – Attack of Tax-Exemption Killers, Nonprofit Treasurer Duties, Nonprofit Management
  • HeatherCarpente: Brand New from the NP Risk Management Center Ready…or Not: A Risk Management Guide for Nonprofit Executives
  • danpallotta: This Week's Harvard Biz Review blog: Senator Grassley is Undermining the Sector:
  • Philanthropy: New Blog Post: Nonprofit CEO's Who Want For-Profit Salaries Should Work at For-Profit Companies
  • robertegger: Brave New World Of Political Spending For Nonprofits
  • p2173: Open Philanthropy: A Modest Manifesto

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