Tweets of the Week – 2/12/10

Here are some of my favorite posts of the past week:

  • GTak: If Your Organization Has Second Thoughts About Filing That Complicated Form 990 … – (Charity Governance Blog)
  • GTak: For L3C companies, profit isn't the point (CNN Money)
  • p2173: This is paper #3 in the MacArthur series on philanthropy strategies Changing the Ecosystem #4 post 2 of 2
  • janmasaoka: This graph of the income share of the top 10% of Americans earners from 1917-2007: I'm sad and mad.
  • Philanthropy: Discuss the future of community foundations in our next live event planned for Tuesday at noon
  • TonyMartignetti: IRS Governance Checksheet..What IRS looks at during a charity audit >>
  • BoardSource: Nonprofit Board-Matching: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Fast Company)
  • nlayag: Interesting questions posed on NCRP's blog post: New Portal for Philanthropic Transparency?: via @addthis
  • tactphil: What should we think of @amidar's plea for @idealist? A debate on Tactical Philanthropy &

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