Tweets of the Week – 1/15/10

Here are some of my favorite tweets of the past week:

  • GTak: Hybrids: B corporation … L3C … H corporation? (Cal Lawyer); (Katovich Law)
  • GTak: CA FTB Update: Sending revocation letters to nonprofits that have been suspended – if revoked, need to reapply w/Form 3500 (not 3500A)
  • GTak: CA AG Update: Franchise Tax Board will be notified of suspension/revocation of nonprofit's registration – minimum franchise tax may apply?
  • GTak: CA AG Update: Belinda Johns says not charging late registration fees now – just want to get non-filing orgs back in books
  • GTak: Good article on Possibilities of the L3C from big law firm Proskauer Rose -
  • p2173: Real time #giving #data- $3M in text donations to #haiti yesterday, how much was raised the "old fashioned" way – online? anyone know?
  • BoardSource: Executive Compensation, Charities, and the Curse of Proximity (Harvard Business Review, Dan Pallotta)
  • BoardSource: California ACORN Breaks Off Into New Nonprofit Group (LA Times)
  • philaction: Advice for donors to disaster relief, as relevant today as it was 2 years ago
  • Give2Asia: Why is the Microfinance Industry in China so far behind? …
  • p2173: My review of last decade For the next 10 years, #semPACS Stanford 1/28 5 pm w/ @robreich + #SIF
  • BoardSource: Harvard University Audited as Part of IRS Probe of Nonprofits (Bloomberg)
  • tactphil: Can Failure Be the Key to Foundation Effectiveness?

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