Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 2/3/17

The past week was marked by the heinous Muslim Ban Executive Order and worldwide protests against the action. Have a listen to the Black Eyed Peas’ Where is the Love? while perusing our curated nonprofit tweets of the week:

  • Council of Nonprofits: Yes, America, there is a moral cliff and #nonprofits are its foundation. We can’t let it crumble.
  • ACLU National: We honor Fred Korematsu’s resistance to incarceration of Japanese Americans. And we say never again. ACLU … #KorematsuDay
  • New York Times: President Trump said he would “totally destroy” limits on political activity by tax-exempt churches
  • Philanthropy: Trump vows to end limits on nonprofits’ political activities
  • Council of Nonprofits: .@NatlCouncilNPs Opposes Latest Efforts to Politicize Charitable #Nonprofits and Foundations #JohnsonAmendment
  • Nona Randois: Misinformation going around about this: 501(c)(3)s are not prohibited from protesting or criticizing Prez’s actions Bolder Advocacy
  • Gene: Don’t forget this: The 100-year-old charitable tax deduction is in danger Forbes … #advocacy
  • Alex Daniels: Mnuchin: charitable deduction will not be eliminated  Alliance for Charitable Reform
  • The Atlantic: Listen to our latest cover story, ‘How to Build an Autocracy’ by @davidfrum here:
  • Time: The Boy Scouts will now allow transgender children