Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – September 13, 2013


9-11 Memorial

This week was notable for the 12th anniversary of 9/11 and increasing uncertainty about how to address Syria. Listen to Alan Jackson's Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) while you peruse this week's tweets:

  • AAPIP: How philanthropy responds post September 11: The Impact of a Funder Collaborative
  • Center for Effective Philanthropy: New CEP research report out today! "Nonprofit Challenges: What Foundations Can Do
  • Sustainable Law Group: IRS chief will testify on the Hill regarding improvements in Exempt Orgs division next week – The Hill
  • Gene: Creating a Common Language for Cross-sector Collaboration – Stanford Social Innovation Review
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: This isn’t just about Obamacare. It's an attack on the ability of nonprofits to carry out federal grant plans
  • Alliance for Justice Bolder Advocacy: Our pres Nan Aron in The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Curbs on Social-Welfare Groups Would Rob Citizens of a Voice
  • Gene: California Bill Would Target Tax-Exempt Status of Boy Scouts – WSJ Blogs
  • Philanthropy: IRS Tests Interactive Charity Application Form:
  • McKinsey on Society: Global philanthropy is a fast-changing field. Explore this new McKinsey on Society Voices volume about How We Give
  • Sustainable Law Group: Three more examples of the importance of nonprofit board governance: NY Times
  • Michelle Baker: Campbell Becomes America's First Public Company to Acquire a Public Benefit Corporation
  • Emily Chan: The task of building better wings to jump off bigger cliffs. - Todd Johnson at SOCAP13 on Designing Business for Good