Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – May 4, 2012

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises: 

  • Foundation Center: Developing a Contract or Written Agreement for Your Nonprofit Collaboration –
  • Jim Fruchterman: Clara Miller's fabulous article: The Looking Glass World of Nonprofit Money. Still fresh and true after 7 years!
  • Gene: New valuable resource! "Recurring Accounting Issues Noted and Related Best Practices for Nonprofits" – – Burr Pilger Mayer
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy: Dispelling 4 myths about endowments –
  • Gene: Real Estate Acquisition and Development for Nonprofit Organizations – from Coblentz
  • Emily: International Trademark Association presentations and discussion notes on understanding U.S. trademark law and proper use of trademarks –
  • C. Garber Siegrist: Whoa! IRS study find $170mill diverted from 285 nonprofits in '09
  • Debra Beck: 10 ways to launch a successful nonprofit board term –
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Who "owns" your nonprofit? Specifying moral ownership is an essential aspect of nonprofit board governance –
  • Nonprofit Law News: Proposed Regulations provide helpful new examples of “program-related investments [PRI] – 
  • Centre Social Impact: Social Impact Bonds & Government Contracting: 
  • Law for Change: What is #crowdfunding? If you want to issue stock online, it is what Congress and the SEC say it is. 
  • Living Cities: Philanthropy & the Digital Public Dialogue. Great piece by Jeff Stanger in Stanford Social Innovation Review – 
  • California Association of Nonprofits: Exciting day! Check our new site at and the Vote With Your Mission campaign.

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