Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – February 8, 2013


While I'll be off my feet for a little while after rupturing my Achilles tendon, I now have substantial time to pursue other goals I had previously set aside. Listening and learning from my favorite sax player Phil Woods kicks off my post-op week. Listen to Woods and David Sanborn duet on Senor Blues while perusing the following tweets:

  • GTak: 2012 Form 990 Instructions released 02/01/13 
  • Ellis Carter: Make it Your Business to Know if Your Nonprofit Corporation is “Doing Business” in other States: [Ed. Be aware of requirements to qualify to do business as a foreign corporation.]
  • Nonprofit Law News: Maine Supreme Court Clarifies Property Tax Exemption For Non-Profits  | by Pierce Atwood LLP [Ed. Revenues from activities unrelated to exempt purposes de minimis when 1% of operating budget.]
  • Lucy Bernholz: "Donor intent cannot realistically be guaranteed beyond a generation,”
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Maybe for most nonprofits the board will not, after all, be your fundraisers— but your governance system will!
  • Debra Beck: Thinking about how we engage our introverted nonprofit board members this week
  • Laura Tomasko: "If you don't have Millennials on your board, change that. They think differently + we can all learn from them." – Jean Case, Yalo Philanthropy Conference
  • GTak: The Next Big Thing: Flexible-Purpose Corporations