Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – February 21, 2014

goldfish jumping out of the water

The Nonprofit Law Blog will be getting a new look next week. Have a listen to Gavin DeGraw’s Everything Will Change (the official song of Team USA 2014) while perusing this week’s tweets on nonprofits, philanthropy, governance and social enterprises:

  • Stanford Social Innovation Review: Three reasons why nonprofit mergers continue to lag; a feature article in our new Spring 2014 issue
  • AFJ Bolder Advocacy: Contrary to NY Times editorial, IRS rules would not solve scourge of secret money in politics. We explain: Link
  • Ellis Carter: Five Internal Controls for the Very Small Nonprofit | Blue Avocado
  • Jan Masaoka: Ten Things Boards Do Right: who knew? Blue Avocado
  • Cynthia Remec: This infographic’s a great board read: NFP Strategic Restructuring, collaboration best practices
  • LearnNPFinance: Check out the Nonprofit Assistance Fund’s 10-step budgeting checklist for nonprofits:
  • Philantopic: Millennials and the New Efforts to Reduce Poverty in America  – American Progress
  • Robert Reich: 3 reasons why Americans aren’t raising a ruckus over widening inequality. YouTube
  • Erin Bradrick: Clinton Foundation and Gates Foundation announce partnership to measure progress by women & girls: Philanthropy News Digest