Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – December 7, 2012



In memory of the great jazz pianist Dave Brubeck who passed on December 5, check out his site and enjoy the holiday music while browsing through these posts of significant interest to nonprofits and social enterprises:

  • Council of Nonprofits: Tool to explain the Fiscal Cliff and impact on nonprofits. New infographic 
  • Philanthropy: Opinion — Do the Math: Abolishing the Charitable Deduction Would Cost Charities Billions 
  • Bridgespan Group: Is it time for nonprofits to cede ground on the charitable deduction? Daniel Stid thinks so. What's your take? 
  • Greg Colvin: Hey nonprofit charities … IRS 501(h) & foundation rules say: NOT lobbying, but self-defense to protect charitable deduction
  • Matt Miller: In case you're having trouble sleeping, my recent keynote to Independent Sector on where it all goes post-election [Ed. Great keynote!]
  • Emily: Four Perspectives on the Societal Role of Charity; What’s Yours? – Rick Cohen, Nonprofit Quarterly  
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Lessons on embracing improvisation while sticking to core principles from the late Dave Brubeck 
  • Jeanne Bell: I wrote it & it's keeping me up! RT @npquarterly It is sustainability keeping EDs up at night, not financial oversight 
  • Gene: Many IRS private letter rulings denying 501(c)(3) because of operating in commercial manner, failure to operate primarily for exempt purpose
  • Lucy Bernholz: Arts Innovation Fund assessment via the Irvine Foundation – a beautiful presentation of foundation learning. Hats off!
  • The White House: Today [December 1] is the 57th Anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. Pic: President Obama on Rosa Parks bus
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: BoardSource survey shows diversity is lessening at nonprofits and foundations 
  • NGOsource: What grantmakers can learn from social investors & vice versa
  • Haskell Murray: Post on Massachusetts benefit corporation statute, which went effective today: SocentLaw

In response to my question of the most signficant legal development in 2012 regarding nonprofit advocacy, I received the following responses:

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