Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – December 13, 2013



This week has been marked by … cold. Have a listen to Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone singing Baby It's Cold Outside while perusing this week's tweets: on nonprofits, philanthropy, governance and social enterprises:

  • Council of Nonprofits: What's ahead for nonprofits in 2014? Here's our take 
  • Toscano Advisors: Nonprofits 2013: The First State of the Sector
  • Amy Sample Ward: What are your #nptech forecasts for 2014? Great ideas from @kanter @peterscampbell @webb @johnmerritt via Tech Soup 
  • Greg Colvin: Instead of bad political #501c4 rules, we need a good political definition for everybody, all 501c's, see 
  • Center for Effective Philanthropy: We have some thought-provoking brand new research: How Far Have We Come? Foundation CEOs on Progress and Impact
  • Gene: Information for Impact: Liberating Nonprofit Sector Data –  Aspen Institute
  • Lucy Bernholz: How the Government Gives 
  • Nell Edgington: Here's my recap on this week's After the Leap Conference: 
  • Nonprofit Law News: Your Nonprofit Has Gone Global: Now What Are Your U.S. and Foreign Tax | Venable LLP
  • Gene: The Dynamic Board: Lessons from High-Performing Nonprofits  - McKinsey 
  • Debra Beck: #Corpgov focused but nonprofit applicable – Why You're Not Getting the Most out of Your Board: via @msuster
  • Law For Change: Starting a Social Enterprise? 6 Tips from Legal Experts  by @socentbuzz