Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – April 12, 2013



The past week was all about major nonprofit, philanthropy, and social good conferences. We've covered the annual conferences of Emerging Practioners in Philanthopy (EPIP) and the Council on Foundations. So here's a shout out to the Skoll World Forum, AFP International Conference, and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP) Annual Membership Meeting.

On a personal note, yesterday marked the first time I walked without crutches in two months (after rupturing an Achilles tendon). Have a listen to Walk by Foo Fighters while perusing some of my favorite tweets:

  • Gene: 1% of charities control 86% of $1.5 trillion in annual revenues! – Ken Berger link
  • Emily Chan: Girl Scouts Workers Are Upset Trustees Haven’t Examined Complaints - link
  • BoardSource: The Girl Scouts tackle financial and leadership issues: link
  • Gene: Delays at the IRS. What’s Going On? link [Perlman + Perlman LLP]
  • Tony Martignetti: My latest blog post talks about the IRS and Charity Registration compliance: link
  • [AFJ Bolder Advocacy]: Keeping Track: A Guide to Recordkeeping for Advocacy Charities & Shaping the Future: Compliance Guide for Nonprofits Influencing Public Policy in CA [Ed. Great resources!]
  • Skoll World Forum: One-page pdf summaries for each of the 50 countries in #socialprogress index: link
  • McKinsey on Society: In honor of the Skoll World Forum we've convened the world's foremost leaders & thinkers to answer one HUGE question: link
  • Law for Change: 7 Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Benefit Corporation link