Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – April 20, 2012

Big news in the social enterprise space: San Francisco Supervisors unanimously voted to give city contract preferences to benefit corporations. This is on its way to becoming the first such law in the country. President of the Board of Supervisors David Chiu was responsible for introducing the legislation hailed by many social entrepreneurs but opposed by the California Association of Nonprofits (CAN).  CEO of CAN and former Nonprofit Executive of the Year Jan Masaoka explained, “We’re not against the existence of these corporations. We’re against them getting nonprofit-like preferences, without nonprofit-like restrictions and oversight."

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises: 

  • Emily: Benefit Corporations getting love from San Francisco! // Draft of ordinance (Apr. 11)
  • Emily: Washington Passes Social Purpose Corporations Bill to Permit Corps to Seek Social, Environmental-Oriented Goals 
  • Patrick Sternal: IRS EO Director Lois Lerner: Data consistent with premise that "…good governance and tax compliance go hand in hand."
  • Lois Fu: IRS EO Director Lois Lerner reports … nonprofits who have full board review of Form 990 more likely to be compliant with IRS regs
  • Cecily Jackson: Treasury proposed regulations governing private foundation PRIs – including for-profit recipients
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Is it time for the nonprofit sector to bury the hatchet with donor-advised funds?
  • Kivi Leroux Miller: New Post: Ten AFP Conference Insights from a Newbie
  • BoardSource: What should all board members know? –
  • Lucy Marcus: Greg Mortenson’s lessons for non-profit boards – Reuters Opinion [Ed. Here's our take published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy –]
  • Rick Hasen: “Five Myths About Super PACs”: Must-read Trevor Potter in Washington Post. [Ed. Potter is the attorney featured on The Colbert Report, explaining Super PACs to Stephen Colbert.]
  • Gene: California Senate Bill 1341 – failure to file AG registration; notice; revocation; $800 min tax –

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