Nonprofit Resources of the Week – 3/24/24

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Resources of the Week.

Notable Nonprofit Posts, Articles, & Other Resources:

What happens when an AG dares to investigate Leonard Leo’s network (Heidi Przybla, Politico) [Ed. I have a quoted belief on the matter here.]

Cross-Sector Initiatives Should Start Small (Vanessa Laird, Kathy Quick & J. Myles Shaver, Stanford Social Innovation Review)

How Much of Foundations’ Money Is in Impact Investments? Just 5% Is Common, Says Report (Michael Kavate, Inside Philanthropy)

Health-Care Access Maverick to Lead [The] California Endowment (Alex Daniels, Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Donor-advised funds: US regulators are scrambling to catch up with the boom in these charitable giving accounts (Brian Mittendorf, The Conversation)

Anti-DEI Lawsuits Threaten Nonprofits, Philanthropies (Isaiah Thompson, Nonprofit Quarterly)

The DUNA: An Oasis For DAOs (Miles Jennings and David Kerr, a16zcrypto) [Ed. The Wyoming Decentralized Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, was signed into law with an effective date of July 1, 2024.]

Native-American Graves Repatriation: New Final Rule for Museums (Linda Rosenthal, For Purpose Law Group)

Landmark CA Workplace Violence Law: A Primer for Nonprofits (Linda Rosenthal, For Purpose Law Group)

Are We Getting Back to Normal? New Reports Forecast Fundraising Growth (Emily Haynes and Rasheeda Childress, Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Significant Events:

  • How Trump’s Allies Are Winning the War Over Disinformation Their claims of censorship have successfully stymied the effort to filter election lies online.” NY Times
  • “The Justice Department and 16 state and district attorneys general accused Apple of breaking federal antitrust law in a sprawling lawsuit unveiled Thursday, plunging the tech giant into another high-stakes showdown over its alleged abuse of power.” Washington Post
  • “More than 133 people have been killed and more than 100 others were injured following a brazen attack on concertgoers at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall before a performance by a Soviet-era rock band on Friday. … ISIL’s Afghan branch – also known as the Islamic State in Khorasan Province, ISKP (ISIS-K) – has claimed responsibility for the attack and United States officials have confirmed the authenticity of that claim, according to the Reuters news agency.” Al Jazeera

Equity and Justice Related Articles & Resources:

Remaking the Economy: A Policy Vision from the Movement for Black Lives (Temi F. Bennett, Dr. Amara Enyia, Rosemary Ndubuizu, Rahel Teka, Rich Wallace and Steve Dubb, Nonprofit Quarterly)

My Son’s Identity Doesn’t Make Him a Victim. Why Does the Social-Change World Insist It Does? (Eboo Patel, Chronicle of Philanthropy)

California city returns sacred tribal land to Indigenous people (Joseph Ax, Reuters)

Climate Change Articles & Resources:

Capitalism Can’t Solve Climate Change (Brett Christohphers, Time)

Key components of sustainable climate-smart ocean planning (Catarina Frazão Santos, Tundi Agardy, Larry B. Crowder, Jon C. Day, Malin L. Pinsky, Amber Himes-Cornell, Julie M. Reimer, Sara García-Morales, Nathan J. Bennett, Amanda T. Lombard, Helena Calado, Marinez Scherer, Wesley Flannery, Lisa M. Wedding & Elena Gissi, Nature)

Is Your Film Series Working? (Alison Stine, Nonprofit Quarterly)