Nonprofit Resources of the Week – 3/10/24

Stay informed of the week’s notable events and shared resources with this curated list of Nonprofit Resources of the Week.

Notable Nonprofit Posts, Articles, & Other Resources:

Running the Advocacy Race: Bolder Advocacy’s Top Resources for an Impactful 2024 Election Season (Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort, Alliance for Justice)

The California Endowment Will Plow Its Entire $4 Billion Into Mission Investments (Alicia McElhaney, Institutinoal Investor)

10 Legal Issues for Nonprofit and Association Leadership in 2024 (ArentFox Schiff, JD Supra

Building Community Governance for AI (Lina Srivastava, Stanford Social Innovation Review)

OpenAI reinstates CEO Sam Altman to board after firing and rehiring (Kari Paul, Guardian)

Legacy reimagined: moving donors from ego-driven to justice-centered philanthropy (Vu Le, Nonprofit AF)

New Report | Reckoning with Sustainability: Black Leaders Reflect on 2020, the Funding Cliff, and Organizing Infrastructure (Building Movement Project)

The last few years, particularly since 2020, have been marked by wide and rapid shifts in public sentiment and political opportunity related to racial justice and the concerns of Black people in the United States. This period of progress and backlash has wrought particular havoc for Black-led organizing groups. Through interviews with more than 50 Black leaders across the country, the Building Movement Project explored how leaders and their organizations understood the brief moment of “racial reckoning” in 2020, how their organizations have fared in the years since, and what they see on the horizon. By centering the wisdom of Black leaders, we hope this report will bolster advocacy efforts to sustain funding and investment in the capacity of Black-led organizing groups that are building power in communities across the country and critical to the broader struggle for Black liberation.

Philanthropy and Social Justice: A Conversation with Deepak Bhargava (Steve Dubb and Deepak Bhargava, Nonprofit Quarterly)

How to Fight the Climate Crisis — and Save Your Nonprofit Money — Explained (Sara Herschander and Jim Rendon, Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Treasury, IRS finalize rules on elective payments of certain clean energy credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRS)

Significant Events:

  • “The Senate gave final approval on Friday to a $460 billion spending bill to fund about half the federal government through the fall, sending the legislation to President Biden’s desk with just hours to spare to avert a partial shutdown.” NY Times
  • “The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that states may not bar former President Donald J. Trump from running for another term, rejecting a challenge to his eligibility that threatened to upend the presidential race by taking him off ballots around the nation.” NY Times [Ed. Because of the Supreme Court’s composition, it may be helpful to read the opinion, including the dissent, which noted: “The Court today needed to resolve only a single question: whether an individual State may keep a Presidential candidate found to have engaged in insurrection off its ballot. The majority resolves much more than the case before us. Although federal enforcement of Section 3 is in no way at issue, the majority announces novel rules for how that enforcement must operate. It reaches out to decide Section 3 questions not before us, and to foreclose future efforts to disqualify a Presidential candidate under that provision. In a sensitive case crying out for judicial restraint, it abandons that course.”]
  • “In the next four months, the Supreme Court will resolve a huge number of highly consequential cases — as many as the justices might typically confront across several years. Their decisions will address some of the nation’s most pressing issues and influence the course of this fall’s presidential election. … The court has announced just five decisions, leaving 92 percent of argued cases to be formally resolved before the term ends in late June or early July.” Washiington Post

Equity and Justice Related Articles & Resources:

State Of Black America 2024 Evaluates The Biden-Harris Commitment To Racial Equity (National Urban League)

Nation’s Oldest Civil Rights Legal Organization Says Federal Legislation to Protect Voters is Urgently Needed (Legal Defense Fund)

Faced with wave of hostile bills, transgender rights leaders are playing “a defense game” (David Crary, AP)

Climate Change Articles & Resources:

Biden Makes the Case on Climate (Manuela Andreoni, NY Times)

ExxonMobil is suing investors who want faster climate action (Michael Copley, NPR)

How a Climate Rule Got Watered Down (David Gelles, NY Times)