Council on Foundations 2011 Annual Conference

This year's Council on Foundations (CoF) Annual Conference was held in Philadelphia. I was in town for the annual board and membership meetings of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP) but am again blogging about the Conference as a virtual attendee through the blogs and tweets of others.

Saturday, April 9

Sunday, April 10

Monday, April 11

Tuesday, April 12

Some Great Tweets (MTs):

  • Often we congratulate ourselves for collaborating. Must keep in mind: collaboration is a means, not an end.  Shawn Dove
  • With no one else to hold us accountable, who in the end will? – LaMarche
  • Most social movements, like the LGBT movement, have nothing to do with big philanthropy – LaMarche
  • The problem is systemic, not individual. So the remedy must be systemic. – LaMarche
  • In the things that matter, philanthropy has been present and engaged, not MIA.  - Ralph Smith
  • Diversity of viewpoint for foundation funding priorities should be protected.  - Smith
  • As a manager I prized order. As a leader I risked chaos. It is time to risk again. – Joseph
  • When process is more important than people, we lose the diversity battle – Joseph
  • Diverse communities don't just happen, they require planning and then action from those plans – Joseph
  • The first rationale for diversity is its role in strengthening democracy.  - Joseph
  • Growth of philanthropy driven by middle America, donor-advised funds and community foundations.  - Steve Gunderson
  • There are twice as many donor-advised funds as foundations today.  - Gunderson
  • The importance of telling story supported by data not the other way around – Rinku Sen
  • Moving from view of racism as individual, intentional, explicit to also being social, unintended, structural – Sen



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  1. Thanks so much for “covering” the Council on Foundations conference, even if virtually, and for re-posting Holly Wolfe’s Letter to COF Attendees, which was part of the Philanthropy411 Blog Team coverage of the conference. Our team authored 36 blog posts about the conference, and you can check them out here:
    Kris Putnam-Walkerly
    Putnam Community Investment Consulting, Inc.
    Philanthropy411 Blog

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