Council on Foundations 2011 Annual Conference

This year's Council on Foundations (CoF) Annual Conference was held in Philadelphia. I was in town for the annual board and membership meetings of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP) but am again blogging about the Conference as a virtual attendee through the blogs and tweets of others.

Saturday, April 9

Sunday, April 10

Monday, April 11

Tuesday, April 12

Some Great Tweets (MTs):

  • Often we congratulate ourselves for collaborating. Must keep in mind: collaboration is a means, not an end.  Shawn Dove
  • With no one else to hold us accountable, who in the end will? – LaMarche
  • Most social movements, like the LGBT movement, have nothing to do with big philanthropy – LaMarche
  • The problem is systemic, not individual. So the remedy must be systemic. – LaMarche
  • In the things that matter, philanthropy has been present and engaged, not MIA.  - Ralph Smith
  • Diversity of viewpoint for foundation funding priorities should be protected.  - Smith
  • As a manager I prized order. As a leader I risked chaos. It is time to risk again. – Joseph
  • When process is more important than people, we lose the diversity battle – Joseph
  • Diverse communities don't just happen, they require planning and then action from those plans – Joseph
  • The first rationale for diversity is its role in strengthening democracy.  - Joseph
  • Growth of philanthropy driven by middle America, donor-advised funds and community foundations.  - Steve Gunderson
  • There are twice as many donor-advised funds as foundations today.  - Gunderson
  • The importance of telling story supported by data not the other way around – Rinku Sen
  • Moving from view of racism as individual, intentional, explicit to also being social, unintended, structural – Sen