Best of the Nonprofit Law Blog 2021

2021 was another difficult year for much of the world and for the nonprofit sector. But it brought us greater recognition of our existing critical challenges, including climate change, systemic racism, and preservation of our democracy. Here are some highlights and articles from the Nonprofit Law Blog over the past year:


Purpose-Driven Board Leadership, Legally Speaking

Setting Up an Effective Nonprofit Board

Key Governance Report: Leading With Intent

Key Governance Report: Leading With Intent – DEI Provisions

Nonprofit Radio: Building Your Best Better Board

Racial Equity and Justice

WCTEO: Becoming an Anti-racist Organization: Legal Issues

Anti-Discrimination Laws – Title VII

Anti-Discrimination Laws – Section 1981

Affirmative Action Plans—A Potentially Important Safeguard for Race-Based Grantmaking


DAO: What is it? What does it mean for nonprofits?

Supreme Court Rules on Mandatory Donor Disclosures

Accelerating Charitable Efforts Act

IRS & Treasury

Treasury and IRS 2021-2022 Priority Guidance Plan

IRS Resources for Tax-Exemption Determinations

Filing for 501(c)(3) Status Late: An Update

IRS TE/GE FY 2020 Accomplishments Letter

Risk Management

One Hour Nonprofit Legal Audit

Nonprofit Radio: Your 5-Point, 1-Hour Legal Audit

Nonprofit Radio: Risk Management I – Indemnification

Nonprofit Radio: Risk Management II

Bylaws: Indemnification

California Laws

California Nonprofits: New Changes to the Corporate Laws

California Nonprofits: Updates from the Secretary of State

Briefing: AB 5 and the Arts

Maintaining Standing: A California Case

2021 Updates for California Nonprofits

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsor: Before You Accept a Project …

Fiscal Sponsorship – Some Tricky Issues: CLA Presentation


New COVID-19 Relief Package

The American Rescue Plan Act and Nonprofits


Nonprofit Mergers: Integrated Governance Models

Contracts vs. Grant Agreements

Traditional Grantmaking Procedures: Are They Really All That Necessary?

Catalytic Philanthropy

“Friends Of” Organizations—Creating a U.S. Nonprofit that Supports a Foreign Charity

Fundraising for Your Nonprofit in the Start-Up Phase


WCTEO 2021 Highlights

Upswell Summit 2021

2021 Georgetown EO Conference: Hopkins’ Update on Key Current Developments

2021 Georgetown EO Conference: Legal and Tax Issues for Foreign Offices and Affiliates

Highlights from the ABA Exempt Organizations Committee Meeting 1/28/21

Webinar: 2021 Private Foundation Basics

Georgetown Nonprofit Governance: Where Was the Board?

Georgetown Nonprofit Governance 2021 – Part 2