Best of the Nonprofit Law Blog 2016

Here are some selected highlights from NEO Law Group over the past year that we hope you’ll find helpful.

Blog Posts


10 Legal Tips in 30 Minutes to Get 2017 Ready

New IRS Notification Requirement for 501(c)(4) Organizations – Form 8976

Nonprofit Corporation Legal Audit

Nonprofit Compensation: Tips on Using Comparability Data

Starting a Nonprofit

Starting a Nonprofit: Form 1023 or Form 1023-EZ?

How to Start a 501(c)(4) California Nonprofit Step by Step

501(c)(3) Purposes & Activities

Environmental as a 501(c)(3) Charitable Purpose

Economic Development as a 501(c)(3) Activity

Lobbying Activities

The Power of Nonprofit Advocacy: Best Lobbying Resource Ever!

Lobbying & Grants to Non-501(c)(3) Entities: Know The Rules

Political Activities

501(c)(3) Electioneering Rules: Voter Guides & Candidate Questionnaires

501(c)(3) Electioneering Rules: Candidate Appearances & Debates

Employee Endorsements & Election Activities

The Electioneering Prohibition: A Closer Look

Private Foundations & Donor-Advised Funds

F. D’Up Family Foundation

Program-Related Investments

Donor-Advised Funds: What You Should Know


20th Annual Western Conference on Tax-Exempt Organizations

New Frontiers: 2016 Independent Sector Annual Conference


2016 ABA Business Law Section Annual Meeting

5 Highlights from the ABA Exempt Organizations Committee Meeting 1/29/16


California’s Dangerous Nonprofit Warning Label Bill – AB 2855 – Will Not Advance

Foreign Corporations and the Application of California Nonprofit Laws

Commercial Fundraiser – A Revised Definition


Crowdfunding Rap

Featured Small Firm: San Francisco Daily Journal

Attorney/Director: Issues for Attorneys Serving on Nonprofit Boards

10 Predictions for the Nonprofit Sector in 2016 and Beyond


SOCAP16 and the Continued Evolution of Impact Investing, The Nonprofit Quarterly

Churches & Political Activity: The Call to Repeal the Johnson Amendment, The Nonprofit Quarterly

Understanding ‎Crowdfunding after a Tragedy, The Nonprofit Quarterly

Think Tanks Need a Certification Program to Establish Transparency, The New York Times

Program-Related Investments: Will New Regulations Result in Greater and Better Use? The Nonprofit Quarterly

The Ongoing Overhead Myth and the Dangers of Overly Zealous State Legislators, The Nonprofit Quarterly

The Deposed “King” of Queens Library: The Legacy of Bad Nonprofit Leadership, The Nonprofit Quarterly

Fiscal Sponsorship: A Balanced Overview, The Nonprofit Quarterly


NEO’s Erin Bradrick became a monthly columnist for The Daily Journal, California’s largest legal news provider!

Nonprofit Radio

Unpaid Interns

Election Year Advocacy

Overhead and Wounded Warrior Project

PATH Act (IRA Charitable Rollover)

Speaking Engagements

Nonprofit Crowdfunding, Western Conference on Tax-Exempt Organizations

Hot Topics to Keep Nonprofits Out of Hot Water, CalNonprofits Annual Convention

Complexities of Starting a Nonprofit in California, Lorman (Live Webinar)

Winding Down/Gearing Up: 10 Legal Tips to Get 2017 Ready, Foundation Center (Livestream)

Duties and Responsibilities of Serving on a Nonprofit Board, Bar Association of San Francisco