Featured Small Firm: San Francisco Daily Journal


NEO Law Group was profiled in the San Francisco Daily Journal on Friday, June 10, 2016.

The attorneys at NEO Law Group preach impact over profit maximization – and they walk the walk.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate in working with some of the best people you could ever know. You can find short bios of our team here. And we extend our thanks to our clients and colleagues who generously agreed to be interviewed by the Daily Journal: Scott Curran (founder of Beyond Advisers and former General Counsel of the Clinton Foundation), Jan Masaoka (CEO, CalNonprofits), Peggy Saika (former CEO, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy), David Sohn (employment and litigation attorney), and Kyle Westaway (social enterprise attorney, consultant, lecturer, author).

“Lawyers in general can get excited about being complex just for the sake of feeling smart or doing something novel … He’s just about trying to understand what the most practical and highest quality approach for the client is going to be.”

Below are lists of our recent published works and speaking engagements. We are committed to continuing to produce valuable information for nonprofit leaders so they can advance their missions and benefit us all.

Recent published works:

Program-Related Investments: Will New Regulations Result in Greater and Better Use? The Nonprofit Quarterly (2016)

The Ongoing Overhead Myth and the Dangers of Overly Zealous State Legislators, The Nonprofit Quarterly (2016)

The Deposed “King” of Queens Library: The Legacy of Bad Nonprofit Leadership, The Nonprofit Quarterly (2016)

Fiscal Sponsorship: A Balanced Overview, The Nonprofit Quarterly (2016)

New California Regulation Poses Threat to Nonprofits Not Properly Registered, The Nonprofit Quarterly (2015)

Fiscal Sponsorship: What You Should Know and Why You Should Know It, ABA Business Law Today (2015)

Basic Legal Considerations Before Launching a Planned-Giving Program, The Chronicle of Philanthropy (2015)

Recent speaking engagements:


Lobbying, Advocacy & Political Activities of Exempt Organizations, CalCPA NPO Cmt – SF (6/21)

Legal and Ethical Crowdfunding for Non-profits: Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Best Practices, ABA Center for Professional Development (6/28)

Legal Careers Outside the Box, Continuing Education of the Bar – California

Ask a Nonprofit Lawyer: Governance & Bylaws, Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance

Nonprofit Law Primer for Emerging Leaders, NEO Law Group

Duties and Responsibilities of Serving on a Nonprofit Board, Bar Association of San Francisco

What You Need to Know about Social Media and Nonprofits, Clear Law Institute


Current Developments – The Bakers’ Dozen, Western Conference on Tax-Exempt Organizations (Los Angeles)

Nonprofit Board Scandals and the Lessons Learned, BoardSource Leadership Forum (New Orleans)

Legal Session, National Network of Fiscal Sponsors Annual Gathering (New York City)

10 Rules Your Nonprofit Needs to Know for 2016, Annual Policy Convention, CalNonprofits

Learn How to Form a Nonprofit, Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance

Opening Plenary – Threads, Independent Sector National Conference (Miami)

Top Five Hot Legal Topics for 501(c)(3) Organizations (webinar), American Law Institute

Nonprofit Legal Structures and Compliance Issues, CalCPA Nonprofit Interest Group, South Bay

Nonprofit Law, MyLawCLE (Miami)

Social Media for Nonprofits (webinar), American Law Institute

Building Movements and Advocacy, 501(c)onference, Center for Nonprofit Management (Los Angeles)

Diverse Views on Social Impact Financing, National Summit on Quality in Home Visiting Programs, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Every Child Succeeds (Washington DC)

How to Start a California Nonprofit Webinar, California Family Resource Association

Hot Topic Call: Risk Assessment for Model A Fiscal Sponsors, National Network of Fiscal Sponsors

Nonprofit Law: Hot Topics, Continuing Education of the Bar, State Bar of California

Nonprofit Law Basics, Community Leaders Summit, Parents Club on Board, Care.com