The Power of Nonprofit Advocacy: Best Lobbying Resource Ever!


From Independent Sector –

Voter polling commissioned by Independent Sector has found that, across the political spectrum, American voters are overwhelmingly united in support of the charitable sector. The findings are summarized in a new report, “United for Charity.”


As the report title suggests, voters show a high degree of trust and value in the charitable community. In particular, voters show exceptionally strong bipartisan support for expanded incentives for charitable giving and increased collaboration between government and the charitable sector. For more info and the full report, visit


We invite you to use #United4Charity to join the conversation about these new findings on social media.

Highlights –

  • A strong majority of voters (78 percent) support a bigger role for the charitable sector in working with the federal government to produce more effective and efficient solutions to problems.
  • 70 percent of voters are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports policies that help the charitable sector become more involved in government policy making.
  • About 88 percent believe we should make it easier for people to deduct charitable contributions from their taxes.
  • An overwhelming majority (85 percent) believe charitable groups and nonprofits should operate under the same set of rules and regulations as everyone else in the policymaking space.
  • About 74 percent trust charities with their checkbooks over the federal government and want to see expanded access to charitable giving.

Tip –

Share this powerful 1-page infographic with your policymakers whenever lobbying on a bill, advocating for policy change, or otherwise seeking their attention. Help them understand the charitable sector, its influence, and its (often untapped) power.