Tweets of the Week – 6/4/10

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

  • GregLColvin: Final of my Sugarman lecture, political tax law reform after Citizens United:
  • BCorporation: In case you haven't heard – B Corps now legally exist in VT as well as MD!
  • ajlovesya: Recap #ynpchat: The Importance of Board Service for Young Nonprofit Professionals
  • mattbish: Reaching for a longer spoon: will the BP spill hurt relations between NGOs and business in general? My latest:
  • tactphil: Foundations Are Free to Innovate: Does evaluation undermine foundations' unique role? Compelling essay:
  • p2173: What kind of tax system and incentives would deliver the public goods we need? Tax exemptions at risk for #nonprofits
  • ianwilhelm: This news caught me by surprise: Fla. Adopts Legislation to Protect Foundations' Autonomy –
  • npquarterly: When is a tax exempt property no longer tax exempt? When it's not being used, it seems.
  • NAFund: Don't let the IRS 990 sit around gathering dust, it's a useful tool for #nonprofits – find out how to decode yours
  • MarionConway: Board Retreats – Part 3: An Sample Board Retreat from Soup to Nuts Series now complete
  • socialcitizen: Jeff Bezos of Amazon asks Class of 2010, "will you take pride in your gifts or pride in your choices?"
  • GTak: Nonprofit risk management: coalition policies. What happens when a coalition member commits an illegal act while acting for the coalition?

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