Tweets of the Week – 5/28/10

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

  • GTak: Yunus: Grameen Bank to open a branch in San Francisco later this year.
  • GTak: Yunus: Grameen Bank lends out $100M per month in collateral-free loans averaging about $200 each (repayment rate of 98%).
  • GTak: SF Bay Area nonprofits continue to struggle via @COF_ – (25% eliminating services, 27% laying off staff)
  • GTak: Increased IRS Scrutiny Requires Response – #nonprofit
  • COF_: US acknowledges terror finance rules hurt charity gifts
  • BoardSource: Putting People First in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Philanthropy: Lessons From the Nature Conservancy-BP Controversy: The gulf oil spill has been first and foremost a disaster for …
  • change: If you don't talk to your kids about race, who will?
  • ElzbthMllr: Great resource from @StanfordPACS – podcasts available on iTunes!
  • HeatherCarpente: My last blog post before vacay: 2010 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey Results:

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