Fiscal Sponsor: Before You Accept a Project …

Many fiscal sponsors enter into relationships to support multiple fiscally sponsored projects (“Projects” or “FSPs”). Typically, these fiscal sponsors have some screening mechanism before agreeing to enter into these relationships, but often, the screening is superficial, resulting in significant risk exposure and/or undesirable administrative burdens for the fiscal sponsor. Proper screening is of critical importance […]

How to Find a Fiscal Sponsor

Social entrepreneurs have a number of options for housing a charitable project, and many recognize fiscal sponsorship as the best option. But how do you find and select a fiscal sponsor? What is a fiscal sponsor? While no legal definition exists, a comprehensive (Model A) fiscal sponsor is generally considered to be a tax-exempt organization […]

Nonprofits in Trouble: The Fiscal Sponsorship Option

The twin crises of pandemic and recession are straining the region’s philanthropies and could force as many as a third of nonprofits to close or merge before the economy recovers, according to top executives in the sector. The Washington Post (8/3/20) In these historically challenging times, there are predictions that we could see more than […]

Fiscal Sponsors and COVID-19

You’ll find a wealth of information provided by numerous organizations and law firms regarding COVID-19-related issues facing nonprofits, including this page from the NEO Law Group. Such issues include those related to new laws providing for paid employee leave, small business (and nonprofit) loans, and enhanced charitable contribution deductions. However, these new laws, understandably created […]

Fiscal Sponsorship and Films: Part II

Filmmakers who seek philanthropic or public funding to support their works may be considering fiscal sponsorship as a vehicle for obtaining such funding. In our first post on this subject, we covered the basics of fiscal sponsorship and on the qualifications of a sound fiscal sponsor. Here, we’ll discuss the fiscal sponsorship agreement and termination […]

Fiscal Sponsorship and Films

Filmmakers who seek philanthropic or public funding to support their works may be considering fiscal sponsorship as a vehicle for obtaining such funding. And fiscal sponsorship can be of great value to a filmmaker. But it’s also a misunderstood and widely misapplied area of law that can create risks for filmmakers and their fiscal sponsors. […]

National Network of Fiscal Sponsors Gathering 2017

The National Network of Fiscal Sponsors held its Annual Gathering in New Orleans on October 26 and 27. Approximately 120 leaders of fiscal sponsors and other professionals from across the country came to share experiences and to learn about common issues, best practices, and new developments. One common question throughout the gathering was whether the term […]

Nonprofit Radio: Fiscal Sponsorship

I’ll be on Nonprofit Radio this Friday, September 1, at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET talking with host Tony Martignetti and consultant Andrew Schulman about fiscal sponsorship. Catch us live on Talking Alternative or a few days later on iTunes. Fiscal sponsorship. You’ve probably seen it and don’t know what it’s called. We’ll fix that as we cover what it is; […]