Opportunity Collaboration 2011 Fellowships

As an alum of the Opportunity Collaboration, "a four-day problem-solving, strategic retreat for nonprofit leaders, for-profit social entrepreneurs, grant-makers and social investors engaged in poverty alleviation and economic justice enterprises," I'm happy to announce the opportunity for fellowships to the 2011 OppCollab.

Cordes Fellowships provide exceptional social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders engaged in poverty alleviation and economic justice enterprises the opportunity to participate as Delegates in the Opportunity Collaboration.  The purpose of the Fellowship program is to (a) open doors, minds and networks for emerging social entrepreneurs and nonprofit executives, (b) enrich the Opportunity Collaboration with new, emerging leaders and (c) infuse the collaborative discussions with a diversity of perspectives.

You can learn more about the Cordes Fellowship and the application process here.


As for my nominee, it's Nyla Rodgers, founding director of Mama Hope, a non-profit organization focused on building self-sufficient communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mama Hope partners with Community Based Organizations and invests in high impact, cost effective projects, that meet their fundamental needs for food, water, education and health care. Mama Hope's successful projects to date have directly benefited over 33,000 people.