Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – December 12, 2014

Medical Doctor holding a world gobe in her hands

This week, Time magazine released its Person of the Year – the Ebola Fighters (a great many of whom are working with nonprofits like Doctors without Borders) – and, on a darker note, the Senate released the so-called Torture Report. Have a listen to Africa Stop Ebola performed by some of Africa’s top musical artists while perusing our curated nonprofit tweets of the week:

  • Gene: Must read: @p2173’s Philanthropy & the Social Economy: Blueprint 2015 annual industry forecast
  • Philanthropy: Internet of things, A/B testing, smart cities, and 7 other buzzwords to watch in 2015:
  • Nell Edgington: From the sharing economy, to crowdfunding, to the Overhead Myth & more, 5 Nonprofit Trends To Watch in 2015:
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Two legal problems to look out for when #nonprofits and for-profits compete in the same fields [Ed. Tony Wang and I wrote this for the Quarterly’s print publication last fall.]
  • Gene: Philanthropy — the backbone of American capitalism SF Gate
  • Rob Reich: The financialization of charity, another hard-hitting look at Donor-Advised Funds, in Pro Publica by @eisingerj
  • Council of Nonprofits: How to explain #collectiveimpact in 2 minutes – new motion graphic from @CIForumtweets
  • CompassPoint: Cheers to @janmasaoka and our friends at BlueAvocado celebrating 100 issues today! #nonprofit
  • Vikki Sprull: In the Future, Companies Will Survive Only if They Help Solve Big Social Problems via @Forbes
  • Richard Leblanc: 2015 Corporate Governance Trends | Richard Leblanc
  • Anne Wallestad: “Strong organizations need strong boards” says new report from @HaasJrFund
  • BBC Capital: Why we shouldn’t always get along. Disharmony can be a good thing, writes @LucyMarcus:
  • Gene: Beyond profits: Millennials embrace investing for social good LA Times … #socent #impactinvesting