Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – August 22, 2014


Spent a wonderful week with family (including my two nieces pictured above) in beautiful Vancouver. Have a listen to Vancouver-based Marianas Trench’s Celebrity Status while perusing our curated nonprofit tweets of the week:

  • Emily Chan: Charities Seek Their Own Ice Bucket @WSJ | >1000% increase in donations to @alsassociation
  • La Piana Consulting: How-tos, case studies & more on nonprofit collaboration & strategic restructuring, here & here
  • C. Garber Siegrist: Interesting resource: Research, Reports, and Data on the Nonprofit Sector via @NatlCouncilNPs
  • Gene: California charities – expect more enforcement of registration & reporting requirements – AB 2077 status
  • Council of Nonprofits: Let’s bust some myths re: compensation in the #nonprofit world Yes, you can pay #nonprofit employees a bonus [Ed. But be careful – if the possibility of bonuses has not been agreed upon as consideration of employment, payment of a bonus may be a possible violation of charitable trust laws.]
  • Gene: Privacy and Data Security for Your Nonprofit? Venable
  • Law for Change: You asked: Is $ raised through a #fiscalsponsor by an LLC for charitable purposes taxed as income? Answer: #Nonprofit
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review: A new paradigm playing out across the world isn’t about profit or #nonprofit, but about open or closed: #socent
  • Social Enterprise Alliance/SF Bay Area: We feel so trendy: Companies with Benefits  New Yorker
  • The Atlantic: The wonderful, weird economy of Burning Man