Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – 11/24/17

Catch up with the week’s notable events and shared resources with Nonprofit Tweets of the Week.

Notable Events of the Week:

  • Michael T. Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, may be cooperating with prosecutors or negotiating a deal in connection with the Mueller probe. NY Times
  • The Federal Communications Commission will vote Dec. 14 on a plan to undo the net neutrality rules, which would give Internet providers the ability “charge people higher fees to access certain websites and online services” and “prioritize their own services while disadvantaging websites run by rivals.” NPR

Top 10 Nonprofit Tweets:

  • The Guardian: Why is Donald Trump launching a withering attack on nonprofits? | David Callahan
  • National Council of Nonprofits: The @washingtonpost editorial board points out the dangers of repealing the #JohnsonAmendment. Washington Post … Keep partisan politics away from the missions of #nonprofits and houses of worship.
  • Stacy Palmer: First the WashPost editorial on Johnson amendment in Sunday print paper, now the university endowment tax issues discussed on NPR this morning — important that what’s in the legislation affecting nonprofits gets a public airing and attention | To Tax Or Not To Tax University Endowments
  • Independent Sector: Thanks to those who joined us last Friday for our #TaxReform Strategy Call. The recording & other materials from the call are available now on the event page. #JohnsonAmendment
  • Stacy Palmer: FROM WSJ: Philanthropies needn’t fear tax reform, write Suzanne Garment and Leslie Lenkowsky Wall St Journal … Plus see their @philanthropy piece on tax changes elf-Interest or Public Interest: What Matters to Charities? Chronicle of Philanthropy [Ed. Important opinions … though a decline in giving caused by the proposed tax reform plans would harm many more charities than they suggest.]
  • For Purpose Law: Nonprofits and The Tax Bills: A Half-Time Update
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: Fear alone is not a good enough reason to fail to act | Yes, You Can—and Should! Nonprofit Advocacy as a Core Competency
  • Gene: Philanthropic Disruptions: Everything and the Kitchen Sink NPQ
  • Kamala Harris: The FCC released their plan yesterday to repeal #NetNeutrality. I have confidence that if enough of us come together in the next several weeks, we can make our voices and save the internet. The board is voting on December 14. Call Congress now: (202) 224-3121.
  • Robert Reich: This Tuesday our new documentary, “Saving Capitalism,” will come out on Netflix. We hope the film helps people understand how we got to Trump, how to get beyond him, and how to reclaim our democracy.

Themed Media Selection:

Trump Backs Roy Moore; Charlie Rose Fired for Sexual Harassment: A Closer Look (Late Night with Seth Meyers)