Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – October 5, 2012

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This week: SOCAP in San Francisco, Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations National Conference in Vegas (that's where I'm at), AAPIP meeting with White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Baltimore (that's where I was), the Presidential debate, and the end of MLB's regular season (with both Bay Area teams winning their divisions!). Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises:

  • Emily: Sources of Attitudes on Nonprofit Compensation: A Conversation with Paul Light – Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Emily: Proposed Regs Change Rules Governing Good Faith Determinations of a Foreign Org’s Equivalence to a Public Charity
  • Nonprofit Law News: Five Steps to Maximizing a Nonprofit's Insurance Coverage | by Venable LLP
  • BoardSource: Highlights from the 2012 BoardSource Leadership Forum:
  • Debra Beck: High-impact nonprofit governance: My vision –
  • Andy Ho: NYTimes: Philanthropists Weigh the Returns of Doing Good
  • Gene: IRS more aggressive in requiring 501(c)(6) orgs to have voting members. PLR 201222050 h/t Bruce Hopkins
  • Sustainable Law Group: NYTimes article examines where and how social enterprise investors can have the most impact. 
  • Stanford Social Innvoation Review: Matt Bannick and Paula Goldman of Omidyar Network conclude their series on a sector-based approach to impact investing.
  • Jed Emerson: Benefit Corporations—A Sustainable Form of Organization? – Wake Forest Law Review
  • AFJBolderAdvocacy: Commenting on the 2012 Debates – social media
  • Social Finance: What's Happening at SOCAP12:
  • SOCAP12Live: 400 people in the US have more wealth than the bottom 180 million. How can we democratize? Gar Alperovitz
  • Sarah Hidey: "investing in women is the single best way to reduce inequality & drive economic growth"
  • SOCAP12Live: "We think a fundamental shift is needed to focusing on entire sectors rather than just single firms." Matt Biddulph

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