Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – November 8, 2013


Hands praying

I'm at the BoardSource Leadership Forum where the theme is Bold Leadership: Taking Risks, Thinking Big. Tim King of Urban Prep delivered a fantastic keynote which included this gem of a quote from Drake: "I'm the type to say a prayer, then go get what I just prayed for." Have a listen to Amen – Meek Mill featuring Drake while you peruse this week's tweets:

  • Erin Bradrick: Congress to investigate alleged financial wrongdoing at charities: WashPo 
  • La Piana Consulting: Six Tips for Building an Effective CEO / Board Chair Relationship | On the Blog 
  • Gene: Good example of the importance of disaggregated data – Widening the Lens on Boys & Men of Color – AAPIP
  • Emily Chan: New Post: Maine Passes an Act to Streamline the Charitable Solicitations Act 
  • Gene: Supporting [501c3 social enterprises] through philanthropy – Kathleen Kelly Janus - HuffPo
  • Nonprofit Law News: Tools for Bypassing IRS Delays in EO Applications | by Venable LLP
  • Philantopic: Goldman Sachs Launches $250 Million Social Impact Fund
  • Gene: Benefit Expenses: How the Benefit Corporation's Social Purpose Changes the Ordinary and Necessary WM Business Law Review