Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – May 3, 2013


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The story of the week for me was Jason Collins coming out (Sports Illustrated). Hope to see this lead to widespread support among all the influential superstars (because they can turn minds), less bullying, and more acceptance. Bob Dylan called it: The Times They Are A-Changin' Have a listen while perusing this week's selection of tweets:

  • Nonprofit Finance Fund: The State of Small Nonprofits 
  • Gene: IRS plans to look at unrelated business income reporting more closely across the nonprofit sector link
  • Gene: Nonprofit Directors & Officers Liability Insurance and Indemnification link
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: How Social Ventures Australia led a group of nonprofits to create a scale social enterprise out of a bankrupt business link
  • McKinsey on Society: 10 Ideas Driving The Future Of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Law For Change: Some speculation: What Will Be the Identity of the First Delaware Benefit Corporation? link
  • Acumen: Social Impact Bonds continue to grow, but it's still too early to determine their effectiveness link
  • Rockefeller Foundation: 5 Key Trends In Impact Investing - Forbes
  • McKinsey on Society: Is it crazy to think we can eradicate #poverty? Great article from NY Times & Annie Lowrey 
  • Warren Buffett: Read my new essay on why women are key to America's prosperity link
  • 99u: You cannot expect a really good working life until you're really good at something – Cal Newport 99u Conference