Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – July 22, 2011

July has been an eventful month for us at NEO. Emily accepted an invitation to speak at the 2011 BoardSource Leadership Forum in Atlanta and Net Impact Annual Conference in Portland (I'll tag along for that one).  For those in the Bay Area, you can catch Emily at The Foundation Center in August and at CompassPoint's Nonprofit Day in September.  With all that attention, it became appropriate to change Emily's twitter name @nonprofitlawyer to reflect her real name @emilychan. Only 25 years of age, she has a fresh perspective and is definitely one to watch!

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises: 

  • GTak: This Secret Nonprofit Helps Corporations Create Legislation –
  • DarenAFJ: IRS denied c4 status to 3 orgs bc activities were primarily for benefit of a political party and private individuals:
  • npquarterly: To fee or not to fee? Should you charge for your nonprofit services?
  • emilychan: Proposed NJ plan would require charities (>$250k in revenue) to tell donors they can earmark their $ (Chronicle of Philanthropy)
  • emilychan: MT @L3C_RickZ Leading Nonprofit Attorneys Answer L3C Objections Raised by
  • lucymarcus: Independent Directors Need to Step Up or Step Off, my take on #newscorp & #corpgov @HarvardBiz [increasingly important for nonprofit boards with interested directors]
  • LawForChange: Sonal Shah, first head of the White House Social Innovation Office, is stepping down.
  • philosopher20: just broke my year of blog silence w/ @tactphil: Lack of Criticism in Philanthropy Causing Failure join the discussion!
  • npquarterly: Next generation leaders, who are they and what makes them perform best?

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