Nonprofit Tweets of the Week – July 20, 2012

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week in the areas of nonprofit organizations, corporate governance, philanthropy, and social enterprises:

  • Nonprofit Times: DISCLOSE Act Held Up In Senate
  • Reuters: IRS denials a worry for political tax-exempt groups: attorneys
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review: Most nonprofits are more apt to benefit from retrofitting rather than scaling strategies:
  • Nonprofit Quarterly: … most nonprofits will do anything to avoid cutting expenses deep enough to realize a gain (Steve Boland, Nonprofit Assistance Fund)
  • Emily: 11 Outstanding Nonprofit Reports You Should Read via Allyson Kapin
  • Gene: IRS Scientology "Thirty Years War" – Village Voice Legal Expert Argues "Treaty" Is Unconstitutional
  • Alice Korngold: Excellent post by Debra Beck clarifying role of ‪nonprofit‬ ‪board‬ members vs. volunteers!
  • Gene: Russian Law Would Place Tougher Restrictions on Nonprofits
  • Bridgestar: How do successful nonprofits develop their future leaders? Find out in Bridgespan’s latest guide.
  • Independent Sector: What will be the impact of ‘impact investing’? via Washington Post
  • Harvard Business Review: Help Millennials find their passion, not start new organizations.
  • Social Edge: 50% of workers are looking for jobs w social impact. Nearly 60% of students are willing to take pay cut for these jobs. [Ed. This article in The Economist cites and links to Net Impact's Talent Report: What Workers Want in 2012.]

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